Check Out The Punk Rock/Sci-Fi/Dystopia Trailer For BBC’s “THE WATCH”

Watch the trailer for BBC America’s The Watch, the upcoming adaptation of the late, beloved Terry Pratchett’s Discworld comic/fantasy novels.

Set in the fictional Discworld’s principal city of Ankh-MorporkThe Watch was described by Terry Pratchett as a “Pratchett-style CSI” and by Narrativia as a “punk rock thriller”. It is to have an episodic storyline, following the format of a “crime of the week” as tackled by the city’s police force under the command of Sam Vimes.

In March 2018, Deadline Hollywood reported that BBC Studios was developing The Watch as a six-part series and as the basis of a “returnable franchise”. On October 30, 2018, BBC America announced that it ordered an eight-episode series of The Watch written by Simon Allen together with Joy Wilkinson, Catherine Tregenna, Amrou Al-Khadi and Ed Hime. Hilary Simon and Phil Collinson will be executive producers; the director is Craig Viveiros. Filming has begun in Cape Town, South Africa;the release is planned for January 2021.

In 2019 the series announced it will cast several male characters as females. Even before the series release, the series has attracted a controversy and criticism due to departing too far from the series medieval origins into the “punk rock” visuals, as well as for omitting some characters and changing the gender or personality and origin of others. I for one can’t wait to see what this show has to offer.

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