SJWs Are Livid Over Gal Gadot Being Cast as Cleopatra

Ever since it was announced that Wonder Woman actress, Gal Gadot, was cast in a Cleopatra biopic Social Justice Warriors ramped up the hate spewing cancel culture machine in an attempt to smear the actress.

Paramount Pictures won an auction for an epic that stars Gal Gadotwearing the crown of a real wonder woman of history. Wonder Woman helmer Patty Jenkinswill direct Gadot in Cleopatra, a period biographical drama scripted by Laeta Kalogridis. Sounds cool enough, but hey thanks to Twitter we can’t have nice things.

Gal Gadot quickly begun recieving harassment for being cast as Cleopatra. SJW’s are calling her a “dumb white bitch” & “piece of shit Zionist.” Woke culture being anti-Semitic while not knowing Cleopatra was Greek. Wow, maybe if these ass clowns spent less time protesting and trying to cancel things through hate they might find some time to crack open a history book. Just look at some of the insightful things these SJWs with Twitter handles like “coochie monster” and “minigucci” had to say:

The youth of American, dumber and more blindly racist than ever…

And then came the actual educated people to rein in the uneducated SJWs with facts:

It’s good to know your history…

‘Cleopatra was NOT black, she was of Greek descent, and there are even effigies of the time on how she looked like. People need to stop trying to rewrite history with the SJW stupidity of today,’ one user tweeted.

‘People are upset because Gal Gadot, who isn’t black, is playing Cleopatra, who wasn’t black either,’ Journalist Ian Miles Cheong quipped. 

Cleopatra is known as the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in ancient Egypt before her death in 30 BC. 

While she was born in Egypt, she was the daughter of Pharaoh Ptolemy XII, a member of the Macedonian Greek royal family that ruled Egypt for 275 years, meaning Cleopatra was most likely fair-skinned.

‘I’m going to say this once and I’m not going to say it again, Cleopatra was Greek. Yes, she was in Egyptian ruler but she was Greek with Persian and Syrian ancestry. The people who are reacting negatively that to this are uneducated and uninformed. Gal Gadot deserves this role,’ another user said.

Racism does indeed come from all sides but on Twitter it’s funny how it always tries to disguise itself as Social Justice creeping in from the far far left. Equally as uneducated as the far far Right.

Here’s a solution, instead of trying to burn things down with hate and stupidity how bout we actually educate ourselves…

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