🚨CATFIGHT!🚨 Old School Charmed Actresses Shade Reboot CW Series!

The power of three talks major shit! Its a battle of old school WB vs new school CW!

In a video, which had been posted on TikTok and Twitter by a fan, OG Charmed stars Hollie Marie Combs and Rose McGowan made comments about their version of the show being removed from Netflix, where they claimed that the network did that so fans could find the new version of the show and not the one with “old people.” McGowan also added that the reboot “sucks” before admitting that she has never seen it.

I mean McGowan might be playing with a full deck these days, but she isn’t wrong. The new CW Charmed is pretty craptastic, but you don’t have to say it online where other people, especially the new cast, can see it.

New Charmed star, Sarah Jeffery clapped back at the OG witches with this statement:

“You know, I saw this earlier and I refrained from saying anything. I thought, better to just let them shout into the abyss. But I do want to say, I find it sad and quite frankly pathetic to see grown women behaving this way,” Jeffery shared on Twitter, including the clip of Combs and McGowan talking about the reboot, which had been posted on TikTok and Twitter by a fan.

“I truly hope they find happiness elsewhere, and not in the form of putting down other WOC. I would be embarrassed to behave this way. Peace and love to y’all,” Jeffery added.

Jeffery later followed up with a cheeky gif of Glinda from The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, that read: “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”

Without naming names or tagging anyone in her post, Combs said she doesn’t appreciate “derogatory accusations of a person’s character,” which many fans took as a response to Jeffery.

“That’s some bulls—. And a lot of it. Clearly,” Combs wrote on Twitter. “People speaking, excuse me, typing, derogatory accusations of a person’s character despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary because of a difference in opinions about a tv show is just plain wrong. And also personal gain honey.”

She added in a follow-up tweet, “There’s more important things happening in the world. Carry on.”

So what do you, were the OG Charmed stars wrong for throwing shade on the new Charmed show? Or are they right for thinking the new iteration of the show sucks? Let us know in the comments!

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