HipsterZOMBIEJoint Movie Review: Welcome To Blumhouse – Black Box

Welcome To Blumhouse – Black Box is a grounded sci-fi tale of one woman going to extreme lengths to save a loved one and a man’s struggle to remember a life he never knew.

The film is directed by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr. and written by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr. and Stephen Herman. The film stars Mamoudou Athie, Phylicia Rashad, Amanda Christine, Tosin Morohunfola and Troy James.

The basic premise is:

After losing his wife and his memory in a car accident, a single father undergoes an agonizing experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is.

Now at first you think, okay where are they going with this. A man with a broken psyche who sometimes displays unfamiliar characteristics. His only shining light is his daughter Ava (played by Amanda Christine). And let me say, as amazing as Mamoudou Athie is as the main protagonist, Nolan, Christine is equally as good as Ava. Some children actors just excel in roles and Christine is going to be a young actress to watch going forward.

As for the story, it’s really well written and harrowing.

When it’s revealed what Doctor Lillian’s plan is, the film takes a disturbing Black Mirror-ish turn. Lillian is played deviously by the amazing Phylicia Rashad as it’s revealed she stole Nolan’s body that was assumed brain dead and uploaded her deceased son’s consciousness, saved on a Black Box, to it.

So the whole time Nolan is remembering a past he never knew and uncharacteristically doing things he would never do, it’s actually Lillian’s son, Thomas, trying to force its way out. It doesn’t help that the son is an abusive asshole who beat on his wife and kid. But a Mother’s love knows no limits.

By the time Lillian’s son realizes that he can’t recapture his old life even if he has a new body, Nolan is able to overcome his memory loss and Thomas’ consciousness seems to fade out of existence.

The film is really trippy and an excellent sci-fi offering for fans looking for a new Black Mirror kind of fix. It’s also refreshing to see an all diverse cast in this that not only rise to the occasion also arguably have put out one of the best projects of 2020.

In conclusion, the HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience highly recommends you COMPLETELY DEVOUR Black Box.

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