All-New HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience Podcast Episode Is Now Streaming! Halloween Music Playlist 2020!

A fun Halloween Playlist for a night of scares at home!

Welcome to episode 17, season 2 of the HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience! Are you tired of hearing “Thriller,” “Time Warp,” and “Monster Mash” on repeat at weak ass Halloween Parties? Well get your headphones and jam out to some specially selected spooky tracks from Jay. Darkwave, Psychobilly, Metal, Pop, Industrial and More! Every other song is broken up by snippets of grindhouse trailers! Perfect for your 2020 quarantine Halloween party! Sit back, listen, and enjoy! ⁣

Bands featured are Calabrese, Carpenter Brut, Deth Crux, Ozzy Osbourne, Eels, Bad Brains, CHVRCHES, Billie Eilish, Ghost, Boy Harsher, MGMT, John Carpenter, Crystal Castles, Aiden, Warpaint, and more. Click on the link below:

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