HipsterZOMBIEJoint New Music Friday Picks 10/23/20

Lots of great new albums are dropping today to get us rockin’ through the weekend! All of these albums and more are now streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

Song Machine: Season One Strange Timez – Gorillaz

Per NME:

‘Strange Timez’ is yet another worthwhile endeavour, the band keen not just to match the skill and pace of modern pop outlets, but to outlast the competitors. Whether your consumption method was more traditional, or you’re perhaps tempted to binge every episode in this album format, there’s joy aplenty here.

Remote EP – Wallows

Per TheHoneyPop:

Remote starts by getting our heart rates jumping with ‘Virtual Aerobics.’ A quirky, fast-paced jam – we find this to be a perfect opener to get fans warmed up for what’s to come. Wallows keep us breaking a sweat with track two, ‘Dig What You Dug,’ and we love the way they say, well, everything. A full groove, we’re certainly digging what they’ve dug. The overall vibe of Remote is fast-paced and fun. Although Wallows sends us into our feels with track four ‘Coastline.’ Lyrically relatable as hell, we don’t mean to be dramatic. Still, we collectively agree (and we’re sure you will too), this is our favorite track on the EP.

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me – Razzmatazz

Per Kerrang:

Across all 14 tracks on offer, the record whizzes by with impressively realised pacing; not a moment is wasted, although the mood peaks and drops as required. There’s a ton of invention and neat tricks to be discovered in the detail, with an obvious obsessional passion that’s gone into everything, alongside the undeniable force of Dallon Weekes’ personality, shining up front and centre at all times. If you want a dance party, Sugar Pills and Lights Go Down have got you covered. He does wistful and contemplative too, with Kiss Goodnight and old favourite Nobody Likes The Opening Band. Perhaps you fancy some cinematic robo-jazz? Perhaps you don’t realise you do. Get on The Gallows to find out. However jaunty the musical hat iDKHOW try on is, they tend to rock it with style and ease throughout.

Zombie (Single) Miley Cyrus

Per TheAVClub:

So, are we officially past pretending that this woman isn’t a rock star? Because good god, that’s a hell of a cover. And it’s not an outlier—as one’s best friend Lesley might say, “Oh, she’s just being Miley.” Thank you, Miley Cyrus, for not giving us a bummer mix sad acoustic cover of “Zombie” and instead just doing The Cranberries proud.

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