Breaking: The first trailer for “Godzilla: Singular Point” has been revealed!

Netflix has released a new “First Look” trailer for their upcoming anime series Godzilla: Singular Point; which is being made in collaboration with Toho.

The trailer was revealed over Twitter and briefly shows us the main protagonists Mei and Yun along with glimpses of some of the monsters that will appear. The series shows off the 3D animation that animation studio Orange is known for in their other Netflix series Beastars. Though Orange is also going to be collaborating with animation studio Bones on this project.

Godzilla: Singular Point will feature character designs from Kato Kazue, who is best known for her work on Blue Exorcist. Godzilla himself is being designed by Ghibli animator Yamamori Eiji, who has worked on projects such as Tales of Earthsea, Whispers of the Heart, and The New Batman Adventures.

As for who Godzilla will be facing off against is uncertain. However the trailer did show glimpses of kaiju that may or may not be Anguirus, Titanosarus, Gabara, and Jet Jaguar.

Godzilla Singular Point is set to premiere in 2021.

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