“Godzilla: Singular Point” Anime Shares New Poster & More

The all-new anime Godzilla: Singular Point has revealed the first poster from the upcoming Japanese project below:

The animation looks like it will be 2D this time around as opposed to the stiff CG animation fans hated from the Netflix trilogy of Godzilla animated films.

The poster is very simple as it shows Godzilla in silhouette, and the picture is colored red and orange. There are two people in the forefront with a girl to the left and a man to the right. 

The characters look very contemporary in style, and the designs make sense when you remember the studios overseeing this project. Studio Orange and Studio Bones are teaming up for the Netflix project. And if you have seen My Hero Academia, the art style of Godzilla: Singular Point should look pretty familiar to you. 

Currently, there is no word on what this anime will be about, but it seems to give a more modern take on Godzilla than expected. It is slated to debut in April 2021. Check out a closer look at the characters below:

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