Vivica A. Fox Is Going To Be Fighting Zombies In The Newest Remake of “Night Of The Living Dead”

Another remake of George Romero’s classic, Night of the Living Dead is headed our way. However, besides just being another rehash, this remake is doing something interesting by gender flipping the main character.

Bloody Disgusting learned ahead of the American Film Market that CineTel Films has tapped Christopher Ray to direct the latest remake of Night of the Living Dead, this one to star Kill Bill star Vivica A. Fox, who will be taking on the lead role originally played by Duane Jones in Romero’s masterwork.

Vivica A. Fox vs Zombies!

In the latest remake, “Amidst a worldwide event where the dead awake and roam the earth as zombies, a small group of human survivors struggle to stay alive and fight off the wandering zombies who are intent on eating them and turning them into the Walking Dead.”

There have been more remakes of this film (and Day of the Dead) than I care to remember, but this might be one to look out for when it drops.

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