Wrestling Star, Paige, Goes On Rant About Twitch/WWE Dispute

Let’s face it, WWE has never treated their employees great. They like think of them as independent contractors who work 365 days a year and their only vacation is when they get hurt. Now the wrestling organization wants to control how their wrestlers interact via their podcasts, social media accounts, youtube, and even Twitch.

Now if you don’t know what Twitch is, it’s pretty much Netflix for gaming. Only instead of playing the game you watch others play and commentate. Now Twitch has expanded beyond gaming (featuring talk shows, live streams, music, etc.) and WWE wants to make sure their employees who use it do so under strict restrictions or terminate their accounts. This has not been welcomed by talent across the board especially the very outspoken Paige. Check out her tearful rant below:

She brings up a valid point. I mean for WWE to do this now of all of sudden is wrong. Not to mention the fact WWE still won’t give their talent decent healthcare. For a lot of them things like Twitch helps supplement their income or in the case of Paige who can’t wrestle anymore, it’s an escape from the pandemic/quarantine.

It’s not likely WWE will relent from this anytime soon which could come back to bite them on the ass. After all, rival wrestling promotion AEW doesn’t care if their talent has Twitch streams, hell, they welcome it.

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