“Free Guy” & “Death on the Nile” Films Delayed… INDEFINITELY!

The final death blow to cinemas this year has come from Disney. The studio behind the big Winter releases “Free Guy” starring Ryan Reynolds as a NPC in a video game world and “Death on the Nile” the star studded sequel to Death on the Orient Express, have been delayed…INDEFINITELY.

With another surge of COVID-19 outbreaks happening and the likelihood of a Joe Biden presidency that will most certainly include harsh lockdowns for the remainder of the year, studios are once again having to shove high profile films into the log jammed 2021 and now 2022 release schedules. The last film that has not relented on its December release date (at this point) is Wonder Woman 1984, the Gal Gadot/Patty Jenkins highly anticipated sequel that has had a slew of release date changes.

Because of the lasting affects of COVID-19, it’s not too much of a surprise these two films got put on the shelf, still though there was a slight chance they would hit cinema screens this holiday season. Perhaps with impending lockdowns in America’s future under a new presidency, Disney might get desperate enough to release if not both delayed films on the Disney Plus streaming service.

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