A Disneyland Fan Misses The Park So Much, He Made His Own Version Of The Matterhorn Ride!

With the happiest place on earth forced to close its gates for long stretches over the past few months, Sean LaRochelle, 28, decided to bring the fun of Disneyland to him and his family.

Taking up to four months, and hundreds of hours of research, Sean managed to construct his own rollercoaster, “Matterhorn: Alpine Escape“, inspired by the iconic Disneyland ride.

However, instead of standing for hours in line, Sean and his family could hop on the ride in their backyard in Napa, CA, whenever they wished. Not taking up the project lightly, Sean definitely had the best training in order to bring his fantasy to life by having a background in civil construction, and with both his parents being civil engineers.

Some people might scoff at this and make fun of how dangerous it could possibly be, but the HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience applauds this ingenuity and fandom. During these dark times of the pandemic and the uneasiness of a new political regime, it’s nice to know people are still living their best life.

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