Amber Heard Claps Back At Aquaman Fans Demanding Her Dismissal From The Sequel

Amber Heard is a very polarizing celebrity figure. Her long drawn out and bitter legal battle with her Ex Johnny Depp has drug both of their names through the mud. As fans learn more about the abuse that went on between the two stars during their relationship it was revealed Heard might not have completely been the only victim.

The court battle has caused Depp to step down from Fantastic Beasts 3 and now fans are demanding for Heard’s character, Mera, to be recast in Aquaman 2.

Heard has set the record straight by debunking recasting claims and saying she will be back for another round. In Heard’s words:

I’m super excited about the amount of fan love and the amount of fan appreciation that Aquaman has acquired and that it has garnered so much excitement for Aquaman and Mera that it means we’ll be coming back. I’m so excited to film that.

Of course, just because Amber Heard confirmed she’s playing Mera again for Aquaman 2 doesn’t mean everyone will be pleased. With so many negative allegations having been directed at Heard while her and Johnny Depp’s dirty laundry has been publicly aired, there’s a petition calling for Heard to be removed from Aquaman 2, and it’s collected over 1 million signatures. Here’s what Heard had to say about that, and the aforementioned dismissal rumors, when speaking with EW:

Paid rumors and paid campaigns on social media don’t dictate [casting decisions] because they have no basis in reality. Only the fans actually made Aquaman and Aquaman 2 happen. I’m excited to get started next year.

After the first film made a billion dollars, there was no doubt an Aquaman would happen. For now, Aquaman 2 is slotted for December 16, 2022. And Amber Heard will be Mera again in the upcoming Zack Snyder cut of Justice League set to premiere on HBO MAX.

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