Social Justice Warriors Have Now Targeted…Baby Yoda?!?


Its seems every morning I wake up there is some new controversy brought up by some overweight or underweight Social Justice Nut over some trivial thing. This time it surrounds the little Baby Yoda from the very popular Disney Plus series, The Mandalorian. In one of the new episodes this season, Mando has to transport a frog-like creature and its jar of unhatched eggs to its life mate in exchange for information about the whereabouts of some other Mandalorians. Along the way, Baby Yoda or “The Child” becomes fixated on the eggs and decided to eat several of them. Something that was set up as a cute comedy bit has stirred the most controversy in this series. Now mind, we constantly see all kinds of violence on this show, but apparently, a puppet eating some orange eggs is where SJWs draw the line.

It came off to some fans as a very dark running gag that pushed the limits of good taste, so much so that Lucasfilm creative arts manager Phil Szostak addressed it on Twitter:

For the record, Chapter 10 of #TheMandalorian makes it clear that the Frog Lady’s eggs are unfertilized, like the chicken eggs many of us enjoy. But obviously, chickens aren’t sentient beings and the Child eating the eggs is intentionally disturbing, for comedic effect.#StarWars— Phil Szostak (@PhilSzostak) November 9, 2020

Fans of horror know that disturbing things make some of us laugh and some of us squirm, or both. Your mileage may vary.— Phil Szostak (@PhilSzostak) November 9, 2020

There’s another point here, too, with Mando acting like the parent he needs to be in this series: Baby Yoda wasn’t doing this maliciously. He’s a child. And children do really terrible things sometimes and don’t even know they’re terrible, whether it’s through their words or actions. So I don’t think the makers of the show meant for this to be poking fun at a very sensitive situation. It’s a reminder that Baby Yoda, while adorable and bringing comic relief most weeks, is actually dangerous in some ways — remember when he nearly choked Cara Dune in Season 1? Or when he eats live frogs? BABY YODA LIKES TO EAT! MAYBE DON’T FAT SHAME HIM!

Still some SJWs are actually thinking the little guy is creating some form of genocide….do they no the meaning of that word? Probably not. But there’s always tomorrow, which will bring a fresh new day for some pathetic SJWs to find something to complain about next.

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