WWE Abruptly Fires Zelina Vega

Be careful what you tweet, because you never know who is reading. WWE superstar, Zelina Vega, learned this the hard way.

WWE fires Zelina Vega

It looked like WWE’s third-party edict regarding sites like Twitch and Cameo may have been a factor.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that the reason why Vega was let go is that she supports unionization.

It doesn’t look like Vince McMahon is willing to have a conversation with his talent. Meltzer tweeted, “Zelina Vega let go for supporting unionization tells me Vince wants to pick a very interesting fight. We’ll see if he gets his wish.”

Paige, who has also been outspoken about the third-party edict, sent out the following tweet after the news that Vega was fired: “This sucks..”

I think in firing Vega, McMahon hopes that that sends a message to everyone in the back that pretty much anyone is expendable and to get in line.

Zelina Vega also opened up an OnlyFans page after WWE’s 3rd party ban edict came down. At one point, she charged $100 for a single photo on the platform. Meltzer noted that he believes that her OnlyFans page was a part of the reason she was fired as well.

Bottom line, as long as the McMahon’s run WWE talent should not expect ANY form of a union being created.

If AEW has any brains at all, they will making a call to Vega as soon as possible.

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