Botchamania 422 Is Here…GET THE TABLES!

Botchamania is a collection of the best wrestling fails, flubbed lines, and ridiculousness from some of the biggest wrestling promotions around the world! Whether it’s TNA, NWA, AEW, NXT or even WWE, no wrestling company is safe!

AEW Full Gear was good but you know that already because of that frigging SECRET AEW LIST OF PEOPLE THEY PAY that’s going around and fooling every old podcaster. Roddy Piper saying YOU TALK TOO MUCH is from Hell Comes To Frogtown. Apparently it’s called that because Piper’s name in the film is “Hell” and that’s all you need to know. I don’t have much to type here about wrestling in 2020 but I may or may not have figured out a way to keep the videos full-screen and on YouTube which is extremely bloody good news for Botchamania, even better news than Taz name-dropping it on AEW Dark.

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