HipsterZOMBIEJoint Movie Review: Chick Fight

Actress Malin Akerman shines in the role of Anna, a stepped on and forgotten woman who finds her self worth beating the crap out of other women. In cage fights that is.

When Anna loses her business and everything around her falls her part, her best friend Charleen (played by the hilarious Dulce Sloan) introduces her to an underground fighting club that is as therapeutic as it is violent. But when bad girl Olivia (Bella Thorne) wants to pull rank and be the new top fighter, Anna finds to strength within to fill her demons both from within and out. Luckily, a very drunk Alec Baldwin is there to guide Anna in the art of fighting…kind of.

The action comedy is directed by Paul Leyden from a screenplay by Joseph Downey.

The knockouts hit the mark as much as the laugh out loud moments. This is a fun film to watch and doesn’t ever try to be too serious.

Despite an over-reliance on slow-mo shots, the fights are generally entertaining and sometimes even down right brutal, especially the final fight between Anna and Olivia.

Still though, Chick Fight delivers enough laughs and witty dialogue to keep you engaged and for a VOD release, it could end up becoming a real hidden gem for movie fans.

The HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience says most definitely DEVOUR Chick Fight.

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