Ariana Grande Transforms Into A Fembot In Her Music Video For “34+35”

So spoiler alert, 34+35 is 69. Still though, it’s cute and clever for Grande to not just come out and say 69. It’s not as in your face as that Wet Ass P***y song and is infinitely more catchier.

A sci-fi-inspired music video sees the pop megastar re-engineer herself as a “robotic sex doll,” as the New York Postputs it. Grande dons a white lab coat (and matching stiletto heels) while moving around a lab before bringing her mechanical counterpart to life using electric shocks. Robotic Grande then transforms human Grande and her assistants into a dance troupe sporting fur-lined pastel dresses, velvet gloves and 1960s-style hairdos. Basically looking like the iconic Fembots from the Austin Power movies. But probably the most talked about moment in the music video is when Grande drops into the splits and twerks. I can’t wait to see the barrage of fail videos of women trying to do #The34+35SplitsIntoTwerksChallenge.

34+35 is the second single off of Grande’s sixth studio album, Positions, the title track from which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Given the popularity of this music video, “34+35” could rise above its current spot at No. 30 in the coming weeks.

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