First Look: Starfire New Look In Season 3 of “Titans”

Season 3 of HBO Max live-action series, Titans is coming our way in 2021 and there has already been a wave of info about what we can expect from the upcoming season. Red Hood. Gotham. Barbara Gordon. And now, a new costume for Starfire.

The character has been played by Anna Diop since the beginning but she has never had a true superhero costume up to this point. That is poised to change and we now have a good look at what Diop will be wearing when the show returns.

The new Starfire outfit was shared across the show’s social media channels. Anna Diop is decked out from head to toe in purple, with gold-armored highlights and green jewels. It looks similar to previous iterations of the character’s costume from the comics and animated adaptations but with pants instead of a skirt. It was created by costume designer Laura Jean “LJ” Shannon. The HBO Max Twitter account shared the suit with the following caption.

Ok wow can we just admire Anna Diop as Starfire for a minute!? Seasons 1 & 2 are now streaming on HBO Max. #DCTitans”

The show originally premiered on the DC Universe streaming service. However, with the launch of HBO Max this year, WarnerMedia decided to consolidate, moving all content created for the DC service over to its new flagship streaming service. DC Universe has since been repurposed as a digital comic book subscription service. The first two seasons of Titans are now streaming on HBO Max.

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