HipsterZOMBIEJoint Movie Review: RUN

Run is another film that was supposed to hit theaters over the Summer but sadly became one of the many COVID-19 casualties. It was supposed to hit theaters on Mother’s Day Weekend which would have been perfecting timing but instead the film has debuted on Hulu.

The horror/thriller is directed by Aneesh Chaganty and written by Chaganty and Sev Ohanian. The film stars American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson and newcomer Kiera Allen.

There’s something unnatural, even sinister about the relationship between Chloe (Allen) and her mom, Diane (Paulson). Diane has raised her daughter in total isolation, controlling every move she’s made since birth, and there are secrets that Chloe’s only beginning to grasp. Like why her college acceptance letters are missing. And why the pills she is taking for her many ailments are actually causing them.

The film doesn’t try to hide the fact that Diane is making Chloe sick. But it does reveal Diane is hiding something really evil from her.

It’s revealed that Diane’s baby had died and the emotional trauma of it was too much to bear. So Diane stole a baby from the hospital and raised it as her own, that baby ended up being Chloe. As Chloe starts to realize things aren’t adding up and the cracks in Diane’s lies become more and more evident, Chloe makes a dash to escape.

Sarah Paulson is absolutely amazing in the role of Diane. You understand her pain and also find yourself terrified from it. And for this to Kiera Allen’s first big movie role she excels in it. You really do believe she is suffering from the various sicknesses she has and she really does make you believe she is crippled.

The end intensifies to a thrilling conclusion but it’s the epilogue that is the best part of the film.

Years later, after Chloe is reunited with her real family and married, she visits a psych ward where Diane is being held. Chloe goes to Diane how great her life is and you think for a second that maybe this is some form of Stockholm syndrome. Until it pains over to Diane, who looks like death warmed over lying in a bed and propped up on a pillow. Diane’s eyes filled with fear gazes on Chloe, a girl she once held prisoner in her home without her knowing. Now Chloe sits next to her feeding Diane the same muscle relaxants that same pills that made Chloe not able to walk. Only Diane is given an excessive amount as the credits roll.

It’s a bleak ending but very poetic as now Diane is a prisoner of Chloe.

All in all Run is a worthwhile film with some great performances and an awesome ending! The HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience highly recommends you DEVOUR Run now streaming on Hulu.

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