Social Justice Weirdos Are Now Attacking Rosario Dawson?!?

What happened to The Force Is Female? What happened to diversity and equality cries? Oh, that’s right, SJWs eventually turn on each other because they don’t care about the causes they “fight” for. They latch on to half truths and rumors because they are too stupid to look up the truth or are so desperate to be apart of something they would sell their grandmother out to be popular.

Gina Carano being targeted made sense, she aligned with Orange Hitler (aka Trump) and wouldn’t call people pronouns based on how they feel.

Yes it seems if you simply disagree with a random notion you are referred to as a ist, ism, or a phobe. Even a well known SJW and someone who went out with Democrat representative, Cory Booker, actress Rosario Dawson is not safe.

Dawson recently portrayed the fan favorite Jedi, Ahsoka Tano, on the recent episode of Disney + Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. And this got the trolls on Twitter in an uproar. I guess now that it’s too cold to protest in most states, we can expect to see more of these SJW attacks via social media.

Now Dawson is a well known liberal so it’s odd to see the SJW crowd turn so harshly against her, of course it’s over you guessed it, PRONOUNS!

Now let me just explain, the HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience fully respects and acknowledges people who decide to transition and go through the process to make it happen. However, we don’t recognize people who just say I’m this pronoun now call me that but do not take the steps to become what they wish to be. Otherwise that would be like me saying hey guys I’m a dinosaur so only refer to me as a dinosaur! Fucking crazy!!!! Now I know for some this might be hard to understand but once your brain shifts through all the BULLSHIT you will realize that makes sense.

Now I for one thought Dawson killed it as the character, but these SJWs on Twitter had some thoughts:

Now mind you, the claims of Dawson’s “phobia” were just that, claims. But SJWs live in a world of make believe so let’s just assume they are facts like they do.

At least one Star Wars fan on Twitter is standing up to these fake ass SJW fans…

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