OG Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, Surprises Etsy Seller

Lynda Carter is just an amazing and beautiful person both inside and out. Some people play superheroes but she didn’t just embody what Wonder Woman was, she helped define who Wonder Woman is. She gave a voice to a generation of people that still resonates today.

So when she helped out an Etsy seller by buying a pretty cool looking Wonder Woman facemask, the Etsy seller was floored by who was buying from her.

Lynda Carter posted this message upon social media after receiving her mask:

When I ordered this fabulous Wonder Woman mask on Etsy, I was surprised and delighted to receive this beautiful, heartfelt letter from Angelina, who runs http://sewinangel.etsy.com. When you #ShopSmall, you make personal connections & build communities. That’s worth every penny! ❤️

Even Wonder Woman Shops Small! Support local and small businesses!

Many small businesses and business owners are hurting this holiday season due to the continued global pandemic. If you can shop small please do so.

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