Kacey Musgraves/Troyce Sivan Music Video For “Easy” Is Here!

Per Rolling Stone:

Troye Sivan and Kacey Musgraves have dropped a new remix of “Easy” featuring producer Mark Ronson.

The single’s accompanying Bardia Zeinali-directed visual opens with a title card that reads “Part II.” The clip unfolds as a caper film, where Sivan and Musgraves are on the run. They make their escape as they drive down highways and hit motels, obscuring their looks to avoid being recognized with Musgraves using hair dye and Sivan sporting a mullet look that he cuts. Along the way, they make stops at clubs featuring karaoke, dancing and drag shows.

Musgraves and Sivan take turns on verses throughout the pop single. The song is a catchy dance infused track set to a dimly lit video of two lost souls confiding in each other with nothing else to turn to.

In an interview with Vogue, Sivan discussed the video’s plot: “We’ve separately had our own experiences… regrets, scorning our lovers… and we find solace in each other,” Sivan said.

Sivan released the EP In a Dream in August, which includes the original version of “Easy”and “Rager Teenager!” Meanwhile, Musgraves dropped a new version of “Oh, What a World” for Earth Day earlier this year and contributed to her ex Ruston Kelly’s album, Shape & Destroy, which arrived in August.

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