Tom Cruise Epic Meltdown On Set Of Latest Mission Impossible Film

It’s already being heralded as this year’s Christian Bale meltdown. Yes, action star Tom Cruise blew up on the set of the newest Mission Impossible film unleashing a barrage of f bombs for all to hear.

What got Cruise so livid? Apparently some of the crew on the set were breaching the quarantine/social distance rule. After the 58-year-old saw two members of the crew standing close to each other, he shouted, “If I see you do it again, you’re f**king gone,” an audio tape, which was posted by The Sun revealed.

The outlet reported that 50 staff members witnessed the outburst at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, which left them shocked.

Cruise didn’t stop there and made it clear that he is doing everything in his power to get this film made, despite current restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic.

“They’re back in Hollywood making movies right now because of us,” he stated. “We are creating thousands of jobs, you motherfu**kers. That’s it. No apologies. You can tell it to the people that are losing their f**king homes because our industry is shut down.

“We are not shutting this f**king movie down. Is it understood?” he said. “If I see it again, you’re f**king gone.”  

The film has been delayed after 12 people in Italy tested positive for the virus. Following the news, 150 extras were told not to come to Venice. Since returning to the U.K., Cruise has made every effort possible to get his movie made. The Hollywood star has been photographed wearing a mask and is constantly looking for anyone that breaks the rules.

So is Tom Cruise a truly concerned citizen or has the global pandemic changed him into a Karen?

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