The Trailer For The “Wrong Turn” Reboot Is Here!!

“Wrong Turn” reboot hopes to rejuvenate the franchise

When Wrong Turn debuted in theaters in 2003 starring Eliza Dushku, it was a nice homage to films like The Hills Have Eyes and Deliverance. A group of city kids traveling through the woods stumble upon some cannibalistic and deformed rednecks hellbent on tearing them apart. Fast forward a decade or so later, the franchise never fully capitalized off the first film’s success. The franchise settled for direct to video sequels with lower budgets and standards.

Now, the franchise looks to make a big comeback with a reboot. Saban Films has released the official trailer for director Mike P. Nelson’s upcoming Wrong Turn reboot film, providing us with our first look at the franchise’s newest group of victims as they face the terrors brought upon them by the return of woods-dwelling killers. According to the EW, the film will hit theaters for only one night on January 26, 2021, with tickets set to be available at Fathom Events and at movie theater box offices starting on January 8th.

In the reboot the film will feature a cross-country hiking expedition that puts a group of friends in the land of an inclusive society called The Foundation, described as people who have lived in the mountains since before the Civil War. The friends soon discover they are under a different rule of law, and may not be the victims they thought they were.

The film is directed by Mike P. Nelson (The Domestics) from a script written by the original film’s writer Alan B. McElroy. It will be led by Spanish-British actress Charlotte Vega (The Lodgers), Matthew Modine (47 Meters Down), Damian Maffei (The Strangers: Prey at Night), Bill Sage (Hap and Leonard), Emma Dumont (The Gifted), Valerie Jane Parker (Greenleaf), Chaney Morrow (Haunt) and David Hutchinson (American Horror Story).

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