HipsterZOMBIEJoint Movie Review: SKYLIN3S

Skylines (also known as Skyline 3 and stylized as SKYLIN3S) is a 2020 American science fiction action film written and directed by Liam O’Donnell. It is a sequel to Beyond Skyline (2017) and the final entry in the Skyline trilogy. Now normally I would pass on most movies that include numbers like that in their titles because that’s lame, but I loved Beyond Skyline with its bonkers story, The Raid actors, and Frank Grillo addition so much that I had to give this sequel a look.

The film begins immediately after the events of the second film, where Captain Rose Corley leads the Earth Defense fleet against the invaders nearby the moon, who is planning to destroy Earth by using the “Armada”, a superweapon capable of eradicating any and all life on a planet. Rose’s ship destroys two motherships, but Armada destroys two of the ships from the Earth fleet. Rose’s ship destroys Armada, but at the cost of what was left of the Earth fleet.

Five years after the events, Rose, now living as an outsider, goes to London, which was ruined by ship wreckages. She visits Dr. Mal, a doctor who is trying to find a cure to a bug that is turning the human-brain implanted alien drones, who are called Pilots, into their former hostile selves.

Feel lost? I know I did. The last thing I remember was Frank Grillo’s character from the BS (Beyond Skyline) raising the kid who grew up fast (due to alien blood) and the actors from The Raid kicking all sorts of alien ass. Well, this one has that, a little. However, the film focuses more on Alexander Siddig‘s General Radford character trying to lure Rose (Lindsay Morgan) back to the fleet for a mission to save the human race.

But Radford is actually a bad guy who cares more about killing the pilots on Earth than help them. Why? I guess because he’s British. Anyways, the action is pretty decent in the film and the special effects range from decent to passable. Honestly, this film was about a Debbie Gibson appearance away from being straight to a sci-fi feature. However, it does manage to rope in Yayan Ruhian, Rhona Mitra, and a flashback to Frank Grillo‘s character here and there. The crazy bonker action scenes are there but everything just seems to be presented on a much smaller scale than BS despite the film taking place mostly on the pilot’s alien homeworld. Lindsey Morgan really puts the film on her back as the character of Rose but everyone else seems to think this is a, as mentioned, made for sci-fi channel movie. It’s still light years beyond 2010’s Skyline but falls short of being as enjoyable as Beyond Skyline.

With that said, the HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience gives a slight recommend to Skylin3s, its worth watching for the action and fight scenes. Just try and ignore everything else in the film….

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