Warner Bros Might Be Forced To Fork Over Big Bucks To Legendary For “Dune” & “Godzilla vs Kong”

I still don’t know how a studio as big as Warner Bros thought it would be a good idea to release their ENTIRE 2021 line up of films on their streaming service, HBO MAX and do so without telling any of the cast, crew, directors, or associated studios. Well now, that might be coming back to bite them on the ass, HARD.

According to Deadline, Legendary is looking to receive somewhere around $250 million from Warner Bros. in order to keep ‘Godzilla vs. Kong‘ as a hybrid release on both HBO Max and in theaters.

“‘Godzilla vs. Kong‘ might stay an HBO Max hybrid in its May 21 slot, but only if Warner Bros makes a deal with Legendary that uses as a base the $250 million value established when the film was shopped earlier to Netflix.”

A deal is also trying to be established that would keep Dune as a traditional theatrical release in order to maximize its franchise potential and because it’s slated for October 2021, when COVID vaccines are expected to be widely distributed.

Either way WB is going to have to pay for their mistakes…again.

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