HipsterZOMBIEJoint New Music Friday Picks 1/8/21

Lots of great new albums are dropping today to get us rockin’ through the weekend! All of these albums and more are now streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

Repent (single) Saint Agnes

Per Rocksoundtv:

 A stomping, incendiary number chock full of swagger and sizzling aggro on its own, matched with the off-kilter and intense visuals becomes a completely different beast altogether. It’s a perfect amalgamation of everything Saint Agnes want to be both aesthetically and sonically and leaves you reeling long after the feedback has faded away. 

FIRE (single) Two Feet

Per AltPress:

Theoretically (not sonically), Bill Dess, known to the planet and streaming services as Two Feet, is punk AF. Dess, 26, has conjured a sound that grabs at your heart and a couple of other places. While his work has a late-night pleasure vibe to it, it’s his sheer determination to make it work that’s truly remarkable.

The House We Built (single) Close Kicks

Per HipsterZOMBIEJointExperience:

A positive/chill vibe song about achieving inner happiness and enjoying the moment that made all the hardships worth it. Perfect for the current climate as some people are still trying to overcome the nightmare that was 2020. A little bit of optimism is exactly what we need in our music right now.

COBRA KAI Season 3 Soundtrack

Per ConsequenceOfSound:

Due out digitally on January 8th, the 37-track OST features over 88 minutes of music from composers Zach Robinson and Leo Birenberg. “In Cobra Kai, we’ve created a palette unique to this show that mixes 80s hair metal and synthwave with symphonic orchestra, but within that palette, the score has always been highly thematic,” the duo tells Consequence of Sound. “Cobra Kai’s third season is bigger than ever, with the story expanding from the shores of Okinawa to the jungles of Vietnam, to exploring the origins and mythology behind both the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do dojos.”

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