The Band Weezer Announces New Album, “OK Human”

The popular pop rock band, Weezer have announced a brand new album titled, OK Human, and it drops next week! The first single from the new album, “All My Favorite Songs” drops on Thursday!

The surprise announcement comes as Weezer fans await the arrival of Van Weezer, the band’s 15th (now 16th) studio album, which was originally due for release in May 2020, but was delayed because of the pandemic. Van Weezer, which is dedicated to Eddie Van Halen, will now be released on May 7 this year.   

Weezer have released the OK Human album and tracklist (below):

All My Favorite Songs
Aloo Gobi
Grapes Of Wrath
Playing My Piano
Mirror Image
Bird With A Broken Wing
Dead Roses
Everything Happens For A Reason
Here Comes The Rain
La Brea Tar Pits

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