The Walking Dead Season 10c Official Trailer Drops!

The Commonwealth, the heavily armed stormtroopers who appeared at the end of TWD season 10b, make their presence known in the first trailer for the bonus episodes of season 10.

The bonus episodes will have an anthology feel while also servicing the ongoing story. It’s been hard to grasp exactly how that concept will work considering past “bottle” episodes usually didn’t push much forward. And, forward is the only way to go right now considering the show will end with Season 11 in 2022.

In the trailer we see Maggie Rhee’s son Herschel, who is probably around 8 years old, makes his first appearance ever. He is sleeping peacefully as Maggie tells Daryl about her son asking about his father Glenn’s tragic death. It’s pretty clear that Maggie still wants to see Negan die years later and doesn’t care about his newfound acceptance in the group. There are more glimpses of Maggie’s masked friend with the incredibly cool weapons so it’s likely we will get more information about him too.

We also catch back up with Yumiko, Princess, Eugene, and Ezekiel as they are beaten and detained by Commonwealth soldiers. Their encounter at the train station was the most recent cliffhanger on The Walking Dead.

There are a few looks into Negan’s episode with his wife taking aim at a walker. He also makes a chilling appearance at the very end of the clip with him in his old getup saying “little pig, little pig…let me in.”

Will you be checking out the bonus episodes when they drop in February? Let us know in the comments.

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