EVOLUTION of KING GHIDORAH: GODZILLA Size Comparison (1964-2019)

FilmCore is back again with another amazing rendering of TOHO Monsters past and present. This time they present us with a look at the size differences and history of Godzilla and King Ghidorah from the classic Showa Era all the way to v EVA. Godzilla, like King Ghidorah has gone through a plethora of both cosmetic and size differences over the decades. However one thing has always stayed the same. The bitter rivalry between the two Kaiju that seen the two battle endlessly with Godzilla usually being the victor.

Also be sure to check out the dramatic evolution of Godzilla’s mechanical double, Mecha-Godzilla below. Its rumored the metallic behemoth with play a role of some kind in the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong film that is set to drop in March in both theaters and on HBO Max!

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