The Woke/SJW Mob Have Now Bullied Disney Plus Into Taking Down Classics Like “Dumbo,” “Peter Pan” & More!

Streaming network Disney Plus has blocked young children aged 7 and under from watching ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Dumbo’ and ‘The Aristocats‘ after the three movies were accused of breaching content advisories for scenes of racial profiling. The movies will no longer appear in the kids’ section of the app. Some parents have criticized the move however Disney says it’s committed to creating stories with inspirational themes reflecting human diversity.

Per The Daily Mail:

It is understood the main reason behind Peter Pan being blocked is because it features a Native American tribe whose members are referred to as ‘redskins’.

Meanwhile, the 1970 movie The Aristocats has a Siamese cat character called Shun Gon, whose slanted eyes and prominent teeth have been described as a caricature of East Asian people.

Swiss Family Robinson, which was made in 1960, has been criticized for its ‘yellow face’ and ‘brown face’ pirates.

Dumbo, the 1941 cartoon about a lovable flying elephant, has been accused of ridiculing enslaved African-Americans on Southern plantations. At one point during a musical interlude, faceless black workers toil away to offensive lyrics such as, ‘When we get our pay, we throw our money all away’.

Disney implemented a revised content advisory in October to flag up any issues surrounding racial stereotypes and concerns were raised in relation to Peter Pan and the other productions. The decision to ban the films from children’s accounts was made by a group of external experts who were brought in to assess if the content ‘represented global audiences’.

So why are these offensive, but The Simpsons mocking Christianity and Conservatives throughout the show’s entire series is okay? Or how about the priest with the raging boner in The Little Mermaid? The leaves blowing in the wind that spell out SEX in The Lion King? Who decides what is censored and where does it stop? Racial politics has played such a huge part in our society for the last 8 years that now it has corrupted journalism, news stations, films and television and even our daily lives. Saying, “oh that doesn’t affect me” doesn’t work anymore. When only one side dictates what is right to say or think then we are all in trouble. These “external experts” are nothing but mindless SJW Woke mobsters who hate everything and only want to see the absolute worst in everything that brings people joy. Because deep down, they don’t have any joy. They wallow in their own self medicated reality where the only true evil is the white, straight male who pays his taxes, goes to work, and takes care of his family.

But yes, tell me how a cartoon like Peter Pan and Dumbo is what’s wrong with America. Maybe instead of erasing something we keep the cartoons where they are and have parents watch the movies with their kids and EXPLAIN why certain aspects of the film are offensive to certain people. Is it so much to ask to have parents these days actually take the time to parent and teach their kids things? Or do we continue to do what the Woke SJWs of the world suggest which is “let kids figure out things on their own, like morality; their gender; etc.” Looking at the millennials of today who can barely pass high school or still live at home with their parents rent free, I think the “let the kids decide” experiment has failed.

Its not the movies, video games, or music that has failed this generation. Its lack of parenting and teaching kids correctly. When you teach an entire generation that everything is racist and sexist you get the group that we have today. Unaccomplished freeloaders for the most part who spend their entire time on Twitter complaining about Disney movies from 60 years ago.

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