The Snyder Cut Gets An Official Release Date Along With 3 New, Very Bleak Posters!

The Snyder Cut aka Justice League The Director’s Cut, has received an official HBO Max release date along with 3 new posters! Check them out below:

The bleak looking black and white posters depict decrypted and war torn Knightmare-Future world (first seen in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice) in which the Justice League appear to have been completely obliterated and left for dead in the rubble. How fitting since this works two folds. This can also be viewed as how Warner Bros stole the film away from Snyder and tried to make a “Marvel-Lite” version of JL with former Avengers director Joss Whedon. The Whedon directed version fans now call, The Joss-tice League was a total disaster at the box office and crippled DC Films. After a slew of firings and a change of direction for the future of the DC cinematic universe (No Justice League sequels instead we got Shazam, Aquaman, Birds of Prey, and WW84.) and fans begging, demanding, and constant nagging of Warner Bros to release the original vision of director Zack Snyder’s film, the nerds won. We will finally see the dark, ominous 4 hour version of Justice League that isn’t a mere director’s cut or just some added scenes, according to both Warner Bros and Snyder this is a completely different film in look and tone.

Fans will be treated to less of the Marvel-Lite shoehorned laughs and more of the dark and brooding BvS style of DC superhero depictions. So for better or worse, its coming people and we will all get to finally see it on HBO Max when it arrives March 18th.

The only question now is, will it suck?

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