“The Walking Dead” Social Media Attacks Fans Via A Tweet Weeks Before The Series Returns!

The hilarious ComicArtistPro Secrets, run by the brilliant comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver, routinely pokes fun at the far left nut jobs who have infiltrated all aspects of our lives. The video details a “Social Justice Warrior” who probably got hired by The Walking Dead to fill a quota, got a hold of the official The Walking Dead Twitter account, and wrote this:

Now, no one said anything to stir this on and deserve this pissy tantrum of a tweet. No this is just some overzealous SJW who doesn’t care about the show, ratings, or the overall product. No because SJW only care about shitting on everything and then after they have destroyed what they wanted, they move on to the next thing to shit on and completely destroy. As for The Walking Dead, its a franchise that has been dipping in quality for years. The spin-offs are crap. The comic book series is over. The flagship show is barely hanging on, which is why AMC decided to pull the plug on it after its upcoming season.

So why this person decided to send out a devissive tweet like this at a time when the show is set to return in mere weeks not only shows the extreme stupidity of the person but also the severe stupidity of the people who run The Walking Dead.

We here at HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience don’t believe in hating or boycotting the LGBTQ+A, BUT unlike this idiotic SJW who posted this tweet, we do believe that if you want change you have to be diplomatic about it. The misguided post above achieved nothing but inciting anger and rage and trying to cause a bigger rift in our country then trying to heal it.

The Walking Dead Twitter page and the people that run it need to take responsibility for hate speech from both sides of the aisle.

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