So About THAT Wild On-Set “The Batman” Rumor Involving Sex, Pregnancy, & A Pissed Off Matt Reeves…

If you have been following the recent rumor mill surrounding director Matt Reeves, a wild (and unconfirmed) rumor has blown up on the web regarding the film’s two biggest stars, sex on the batmobile, and a possible pregnancy that could derail future sequel plans. As stated when he first came on board, Reeves had written a grand 3 film plan for the Batman film starring Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson that would see a younger Batman becoming the world’s greatest detective.

Then came this wild and please let me stress UNCONFIRMED rumor that was posted to 4Chan and has gained traction on Twitter as fans are wondering if it’s true.

I’m working on the set of Batman. So, in about a week or so all media will go after him for what he and Zoe did on the set of The Batman last week… We (me and a lot of workers with Mat Reeves) caught Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz having sex on the Batmobile prop. It’s probably one of the worse things I’ve ever saw in my career now, Matt was so furious he interrupted them. And that’s not all, Zoe took a pregnancy test and she is pregnant and everyone believes it’s Pattinson’s, since October Robert and Zoe started dating in secret, we know about it as we saw them together after work. She recently divorced her husband tho. I’m purely disgusted by their act, both her and Pattinson. All I know is he that Reeves is so furious he might not do The Batman 2 and 3 as he planned and let someone else direct. He literally told Pattinson, ‘You are the most entitled narcissistic actor I’ve ever worked with, you go back to work, we finish filming in March and then we are done. I don’t want to ever work with you after this film.’ He even said he refuses to do reshoots if they will be needed. I don’t know what they are gonna do but they try to keep this situation on leash before the media will make it official.  

Now if any of this is true I will be absolutely hilarious. One thing that is semi-confirmed is the heat between Pattinson and Reeves. Pattinson has shown up to set not in the best of shape (during quarantine he was rumored to just to have been in his apartment eating pasta) and Reeves has called him out on it several times. It’s even been said Pattinson’s COVID diagnosis was faked because of the issue.

A recent rumor from December also offered that Robert Pattinson was ready to quit The Batman because of Reeves being a control freak.

The Batman is due out on March 4, 2022. Maybe,

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