Confused & Idiotic Journalist Asks Why Chun-Li Isn’t In Mortal Kombat Remake – SJW FAIL!

This is why you can’t and shouldn’t hire people who don’t know shit about fuck to write for your “entertainment news.” Jezebel writer, Shannon Melero confuses a Street Fighter character with Mortal Kombat. I guess to make a statement about a white woman being front and center instead of an Asian woman. This idiotic mistake is on par with saying something, “Why is Black Panther not in the Justice League?”

When SJWs try to make a point but come across as idiots because they have no clue what they are talking about.

This is just another example of Social Justice Warrior race politics trying (and failing miserably) to wedge itself into things we enjoy. Now I’ve never heard of this news website called Jezebel and after two seconds of looking around it’s website it’s oozing with pathetic SJW, man hating rhetoric (there’s even an article commenting on Rush Limbaugh’s death titled “Good Riddance” real classy stuff) but if they are willing to let a trash article like this go out for everyone to see they should probably close up shop.

Chun-Li is an important character. In Street Fighter. The movie coming out however is Mortal Kombat. That movie, not Street Fighter, comes out April 16th on HBO Max and theaters that might still be open.

Okay Jezebel now go back to your Kamala Harris fluff pieces. Thank you, fuck you, bye-bye.

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