A Ton Of New Info About “Godzilla Vs Kong” Drops!

As we get closer to the mega confrontation between Godzilla and Kong, we got ton of new info regarding the film and even a new Chinese poster (check it out below)

The two behemoths are locked in combat under the sea!

This new $200 million version from noted genre director Adam Wingard (Death Note, The Guest, Blair Witch) dispenses with the painfully dated depiction of islanders, man-in-suit effects and pretty much everything else from the ’62 film in favor of a neon-soaked modern take that is not a remake but definitely a follow-up to what was mapped out in King of the Monsters, a movie that -at the time of filming- had yet to come out in theaters.

Wingard states not only did he draw inspiration from the original GVK film, but he also has thrown in elements from Godzilla vs Mothra, Godzilla vs Destroyah, and even Shin Godzilla.

GVK takes place 5 years after Godzilla King of the Monsters and a lot has changed. Kyle Chandler’s Dr. Mark Russell is now a director at Monarch (marking Chandler’s second Kong movie after Peter Jackson’s 2005 King Kong), and there has been a lot of rebuilding in the wake of monster destruction which is mostly handled by the powerful Apex Corporation. Kong is significantly larger than he was (he was still an adolescent in Skull Island) and Godzilla has suddenly become unstable after a few years of keeping the other Titans contained. Russell’s daughter Madison (Millie Bobby Brown) believes Apex is somehow behind Godzilla’s erratic behavior.

“The movie opens on Skull Island, which has changed a lot in the 40-something years since we last saw it in ‘Kong,’ and when the movie first opens we are witnessing the beginning of a really massive event, a massive mission being undertaken to stem this global threat,” says producer Alex Garcia, who has shepherded all four MonsterVerse movies to the screen. “The Titans are around the planet, they have largely remained dormant at the end of King of the Monsters, we see that there are many Titans in the world and Godzilla has been reinstated as the apex predator and he’s maintaining a balance. But as we come into this movie Godzilla has been acting erratically for the last few months – no one knows why. He’s been attacking certain cities, facilities. Madison Russell – who is Mille Bobby Brown’s character – she is really the advocate for Godzilla in this film. She spends the film trying to vindicate Godzilla. She believes, with all her heart, that for a lot of personal and emotional reasons that there must be a reason Godzilla is doing what he’s doing. She believes that while he’s not benevolent to us, that what he wants is good for all mankind. The other side of the story is that Monarch, in reacting to this global fear of the creatures, has spent a lot of time and a lot of money creating entrances into the Hollow Earth, these areas where it can be an easier entry into that eco-system.”

“At the start of the movie, we see that first mission into the Hollow Earth, and the mission is they’re gonna take this device into the center of the Earth which will draw all the creatures slowly back to the center of the world through various openings and they’ll seal it. The hope is that will bring back a balance and that the fear, the perceived threat, will be stemmed. It goes catastrophically wrong. We got a character, Nathan Lind (Alexander Skarsgaard), who has spearheaded this mission – mission goes completely south – the entire world is in disarray. Madison, who is aware of all this, decides to go off and find out on her own, because she’s afraid of what’s going to happen to Godzilla, she goes on a fact-finding journey to dig into what she believes is a conspiracy caused by this organization called Apex. She launched off with a good friend named Josh (Julian Dennison), and they eventually intersect with Bernie (Brian Tyree Henry), who is a former, disgruntled employee of Apex. The three of them become this funny trio trying to uncover the mystery at the center of Apex.”

It was also revealed that the mechanical foe that will force Godzilla and Kong to team up is created from the severed head of King Ghidorah last seen in a after credits scene at the end of KOTM.

Godzilla vs. Kong is set to open in theaters and stream on HBO Max beginning March 31.

(The story reveal tidbits come straight from ComingSoon.net)

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