Botchamania 429 Is Here To Put You Through A Table!

Botchamania is a collection of the best wrestling fails, flubbed lines, and ridiculousness from some of the biggest wrestling promotions around the world! Whether it’s TNA, NWA, AEW, NXT or even WWE, no wrestling company is safe!

Per Botchamania:

Elimination Chamber was kinda numbing to be honest. Don’t care about Miz winning the WWE Title, don’t care about Riddle as U.S. Champ and don’t care about Reigns vs. Edge. I care about Lashley getting upgraded to S Tier though so hooray. I’m convinced AEW are fucking with Shanna by not editing or cutting out her horrible German Suplex bridges finished on a pre-taped show. Matt Sydal slipping off the top rope in his debut and then his brother doing the exact same in his debut is something that could only happen in reality because if it happened on TV you’d laugh at it and go “that shit’s so fake.”

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