So An America-Hating Racist Is Writing The Next Superman Film, Good Pick WB!

When it was announced that Warner Bros wanted to reboot the Superman franchise all hope for a Man of Steel sequel were dashed. When they announced that this rebooted Superman would cast an African-American lead I thought, “Okay, this probably isn’t for me but maybe it might be good.” Then they said who they had hired to write the script for this rebooted hero who would be redone as a black hero. Ta-Nehisi Coates. He’s written some comics for Marvel but what is most famous for is his 9-11 comments in his book “Between the World and Me.” Check it out below:

Wow can’t wait to see what this America hating racist piece of shit does with the one hero who is American as apple pie. I mean, come on Warner Bros what are you thinking hiring this woke idiot? If this is what we can expect from JJ Abrams, who just signed a mega deal with WB to tackle some of their DC films then I guess that will be his franchise hat trick. After all, he already killed the Star Trek film franchise; flushed the Star Wars film franchise down the toilet; and now wants to try and play the race card with DC’s most prestigious superhero by handing him over to a racist.

So what will this Superman be doing in this film? Fighting cops? Perhaps he can refuse to save any white people. Maybe he can solve climate change. Hell what if at the end of the film he decides to go from Superman to Supergirl! Yeah, screw you Coates, Abrams and WB. Listen to the fans. We want a Man of Steel sequel with Henry Cavill. You can take this identity political statement of a film idea and burn with that crappy book Coates wrote!

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