Cancel Culture Targets A Beloved Cartoon Character That Allegedly Promotes Rape Culture?!?

Oh piss all the way off cancel culture! Now they going after the love sick skunk, Pepe Le Pew. He starred in the first Warner Bros. Space Jam movie back in 1996, however, Pepe Le Pew will not be showing up at all in the upcoming theatrical sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy on July 16. Now for sensitive individuals please watch the video below as it details the animated skunk stalking and attempting to allegedly rape a cat… (sarcasm)

With the Looney Tunes French skunk besieged by controversy in the wake of New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow slamming that the cartoon character “added to rape culture,” Deadline has learned that a hybrid live-action animation scene between Jane the Virgin actress Greice Santo and Pepe Le Pew, shot back in June 2019 for Space Jam 2 was left on the cutting room floor. A cartoon character for kids promoting rape culture?

I find it hilarious that a cartoon skunk and Dr. Seuss books are getting canceled but songs like “Wet Ass Pussy” is perfectly acceptable. What the actual hell is up with people’s logic these days. I mean are people really this stupid? Simple answer, I guess so.

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