AEW REVOLUTION’s “Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match” Might Be The BIGGEST Botch In Wrestling PPV History

When you think wrestling botches you usually think of missed kicks, or ill timed power moves. Maybe even an occasional trip up by wrestler on the way to the ring. However for All Elite Wrestling, this young upstart wrestling promotion (mostly compromised of indie stars and WWE cast offs) continue to raise the bar when it comes to completely botching things up during matches. But the highly touted “Exploding Barb Wire Death Match” between AEW champ Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley easily takes the cake.

Toward the end of the match, a bloody and defeated Moxley was left in the ring handcuffed as it was about to “explode.” There was only one problem. The “exploding” part turned out to be a total dud. Nothing exploded. The only thing that happened was that Fourth of July sparklers went off. The announcers still sold it as if the ring blew up into a million pieces, which made the entire scene even more hilariously absurd.

In all fairness to AEW, I’m not sure what it could’ve done to have a true “epic explosion” in the middle of a wrestling ring, since that would have been dumb and dangerous. But we are talking about the same company who has indie untrained talent mixing it up and often injuring trained wrestlers from WWE and not to mention the time the company almost killed wrestler Matt Hardy and had him continue with the match. Nevertheless, check out these fan reactions:

Luckily, Moxley was able to hop on a mic and make light of the major let down to send fans home with a smile:

AEW owner, Tony Khan, addressed the botched explosion during the post-event media scrum:

“Honestly, I’m glad neither guy came out with a serious injury because it was a really scary match and they both really put their health at risk for a huge PPV main event,” Khan said. “I think it was awesome, it was a great spectacle and I think we’re all lucky that the bomb going off in the end didn’t really hurt anybody, that Kenny’s big masterplan, that he built a dud.”

Tony Khan then continued to push the idea that in storyline, Kenny Omega built a faulty explosion. 

“Who would have thought when he drew up the big plan with crayons that maybe the bomb might fail to take both guys out?” Khan continued. “I thought that for the battle, it really delivered excellent action. Both guys came out okay, which is great because on paper it looked like the kind of match where somebody could get hurt.”

In a later question, Khan continued to address how AEW will handle the dud in storyline. He noted Jon Moxley’s post-event promo talking about Omega’s bomb-making skills being poor. 

“The basic explanation is that Kenny’s ring set to explode, his plan as a heel who built this thing with a hammer and nails as we saw, that the final bomb just didn’t go off,” Khan concluded.

Yeah okay. Let’s face the real truth of the matter Tony. That this could have been AEW’s “Hell In A Cell” moment and it failed miserably. The Revolution PPV failed to deliver on Sting street fight, gave an underwhelming WWE cast off, Christian, a supposed big moment, and gave fans one of the worst wrestling finishes of all time. I don’t think even AEW can overcome this level of failure. But then again, there’s always Wednesday night Dynamite.

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