Marvel Comics Introduces A Gay Captain America

Marvel Comics, who is officially devoid of any original ideas anymore, now is just making variations of their popular characters for click bait news.

For Captain America’s 80th Anniversary Marvel’s present to the Avenger is making him gay.

The publishing company said in a press release that its newest hero, Aaron Fischer, is making his debut on June 2. He’ll be featured in a new limited series titled “The United States of Captain America.”

The series will feature the original Captain America Steve Rogers teaming up with Captain Americas of the past — including Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson and John Walker — traveling across America to find his stolen shield.

Meet The New Gay Cap

As they go on their road trip, they will discover “everyday people from all walks of life” who have taken up the mantle of Captain America to defend their communities. The new comic is written by Christopher Cantwell with art by Dale Eaglesham, who will team up with a different pair every issue.

Why this couldn’t be a new character is beyond me. This whole concept stinks of desperation on Marvel’s part. But in a social justice world of non-logical thinking this will be the talk of many websites and blogs. Problem is, more people will still read this article than read that comic book. But the same can pretty much be said for any comic book these days…

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