California is intent to show its the worst state in regards to COVID-19 restrictions and now re-openings. The state had one of the biggest death rates in the nation despite its harsh restrictions and a Governor who played fast and loose with the “rules” he established. His quarantine measures were a colossal failure compared to Florida who not only stayed open for the most part, but Florida also kept its economy flourishing. Unlike California whose economy is in the gutter along with a majority of the state’s populace which are now homeless and or displaced due to the harsh restrictions that were said to “save” them. Now, Gavin Newsom (who is on the verge of being recalled) is trying to help push through a plan for theme parks that might be his most idiotic and tone deaf move yet.

In a new plan to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, when California theme parks reopen visitors will be asked not to shout or scream while on rollercoasters and limit singing and loud breathing while enjoying the park. This suggestion has been issued by the California Attractions and Parks Association.

The state’s Attractions and Parks Association is recommending that park officials encourage riders to “mitigate the effects of shouting” on roller coasters and thrill rides to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Under the association’s “responsible reopening plan” that was released in September, park officials can do so by requiring face masks and modifying the seating on rides.

Earlier this month, state officials announced theme parks, sports games and outdoor events could resume at limit capacity beginning April 1, provided the county the park resides in has reached the red tier in the state’s reopening criteria.

After a yearlong closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park will reopen with limited capacity on April 30, Disney announced Wednesday.

Maybe Newsom and the far left California lawmakers can convince the masses that yelling and screaming while on rides is a form of white supremacy and that enjoyment is a stepping stone to white privilege. I mean that’s what they say about everything else. California is so intent to be the most progressive, gender-less, joyless, jobless, homeless, and now emotion-less state in the country. Maybe on Californian roller coasters, riders can instead of yelling they can denounce their whiteness or say how racist America is. Maybe that would be acceptable.

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