7 Comic Crossovers You Never Knew Happened

Some of the best events the comic book industry are the intercompany crossovers. Schoolyard arguments between friends like who was the strongest; the fastest; the bravest. Superman vs Hulk. Batman vs Predator. Even Archie meets Punisher. These are some comic book crossovers you might not have known happened. Check them out below:

1. Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds (1995)

Spider-Man, Batman, Carnage and Joker come together in one comic when the two killers are to be used as a test for a new treatment, in the form of a chip that is meant to go into their brains and essentially lobotomize them, nullifying their killer instincts. This of course doesn’t work, and its up to Spider-Man and Batman to team up together. This story came out in 1995 but it is still one of the more interesting crossovers around.

2. The Incredible Hulk vs Pitt – Reality Check (1997)

For those who don’t know, Pitt is an Image Comics character who starred in his own series. The two have a few fights and appear to be matched evenly. These two characters have similar looks and apparently feats of strength as well. 

3. Daredevil/Batman: Eye for an Eye (1997)

DC’s Two-Face teams with the Marvel villain Mr. Hyde, prompting for Daredevil and Batman to inevitably come together. Batman seeks out the two villains to New York, where Daredevil is already investigating a thefts of computer equipment, leading him to the same criminal duo. Batman and Daredevil initially clash, before realizing they need to work together, as expected in most crossover events.

4. Batman versus Predator (1991)

In 1991, Batman went up against the Predator in the comic event, Batman Versus Predator. This was followed up with a 1995 sequel known as Batman Versus Predator II: Bloodmatch. Another follow up to this was Batman Versus Predator III: Blood Ties, which was published in 1997. This story included Mr. Freeze and provided a cameo from Catwoman.

5. Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man (1976)

Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man: The Battle of the Century is a comic book jointly published by Marvel Comics and DC Comics in March 1976. The story contained Lex Luthor and Doctor Octopus, resulting in Superman and Spider-Man coming together to stop the villains from their evil plots. As with all intercompany crossovers, this was non-canonical.

6. Punisher meets Archie (1994)

Punisher hunts for a criminal, and comes across Archie, who he mistakingly believes to be the criminal. This story took place in June 1994. At the time, critics originally thought the announcement of these two characters crossing over was a joke, but this story has since been met with positive reviews.

7. DC versus Marvel Comics (1996) Mini-series

This was a unique event that offered the crossover of Marvel and DC as a company, including most characters. Many battles were determined by reader votes, and the storyline involved two god-like Brothers that personified the DC and Marvel Universes. They each become aware of the other’s existence, and challenge one another to a series of duels involving each universe’s respective superheroes. The losing universe would cease to exist. The story had an “out of universe” component in that the outcomes of the primary battles were determined by the readers’ votes.

Battles included Storm vs Wonder Woman, Superman vs Hulk, Batman vs Captain America, Spider-Man (Ben Reilly clone) vs Superboy, Lobo vs Wolverine, Aquaman vs Namor, Robin vs Jubilee and more. In the end, a new universe was briefly formed where characters from each universe were merged into one being. Wolverine and Batman became Dark Claw, Captain America and Superman became Super Soldier and Bruce Wayne became and agent of SHIELD, among other merges.

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By Alex M.

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