Warner Bros. Will Cease Same-Day HBO Max Releases in 2022 as Part of New Deal With Regal

Get ready to head back to theaters kids! As mentioned in a previous post, Regal Cinemas is re-opening in April, WB has just made a deal with the cinema chain that will nix its same-day releases in 2022.

It’s still too early to completely do away with it in 2021, but 2022 is now a whole new ball game.

Cineworld allowing Warner Bros.’ 2021 releases (including Mortal Kombat, In the Heights and Space Jam: A New Legacy) to play theatrically while concurrently available on HBO Max for the first 30 days is a big deal.

With Cineworld now getting a 45-day theatrical window from Warner Bros. releases, that would seem to be the end of the “in theaters and on HBO Max” plan. AT&T claimed on December 3 that it was a temporary situation to give HBO Max a boost and getting already-finished (or nearly-finished) 2020/2021 releases off the books. Maybe they are merely keeping their word or WB realized that it couldn’t profit from tentpole flicks without a conventional theatrical release.

As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more available it’s very possible that the Dune remake and Matrix 4 could end up being theater only releases.

Fingers crossed. Either way, normalcy is around the corner.

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