Suicide Squad Director Says WB Wanted To Turn His Film Into Deadpool

After the runaway success of the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, fellow scorned director, David Ayer wants his cut of Suicide Squad to see the light of day now too. It’s no secret that the studio literally snatched the film away from Ayer late into post production and handed editing duties off to a movie trailer company who added a flurry of songs and weird cuts.

Jared Leto still talks about all of his scenes that were cut from the film not to mention the last second villain change from Steppenwolf and Parademons to the Enchantress. Yes, Suicide Squad was meant to tie directly into Justice League. At least that was the original plan on paper.

However, Marvel’s Deadpool came out first and blew fans away with its funny and crude presentation of a gun wielding anti-hero. Because WB higher ups were still freaking out over the less than a billion dollar box office of Batman v Superman, they panicked and demanded Ayer make Suicide Squad “more funny.”

While Ayer remained the director of Suicide Squad, it’s no secret that there were some major last-minute changes done to the movie, as evidenced by its reshoots that reportedly cost $22 million – a significantly larger funding compared to the typical $6-10 million budget allocated for additional filming. The director, for his part, has been forthcoming when asked about details of his cut, and his latest reveal sheds a light on what actually caused the alterations made to the movie.

Ayer has taken to Twitter and alluded that WB stole his film and transformed it from a soulful drama to a comedy. Check out his tweet below:

This “more comedy” approach might have worked to a certain degree for the SS we got in theater but it crippled Justice League and any chance that franchise had without Zack Snyder.

It’s not known if we will ever see Ayer’s take, WB right now is perfectly happy just moving on with Director James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad due out on HBO Max this Summer. Still though, in a world in which we got the Snyder Cut and a possible restoration of the SnyderVerse looming, anything is possible.

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