“Mecha-Godzilla, Treat Godzilla To Toast!” The Toho Kaiju Toaster You Need!

Godzilla vs Kong is currently stomping on Post-Pandemic box office records and currently streaming on HBO Max. The not so secret villain of the film, Mecha-Godzilla is making his second (if you count Ready Player One) American big screen debut in the colossal crossover and Toho is offering a unique product in honor of him! A Mecha-Godzilla styled Toaster!

This is going to make your Kaiju loving head spin!

Check out the official Mecha-Godzilla toaster below:

Go (space) ape over this stainless steel (not Space Titanium), technological terror of a toaster that is powerful enough to turn even the most titanic breakfast carbohydrates to ash. Pre-order info coming soon!

The Toaster has a chrome color and has the same design as the classic Mecha-G himself. The toaster appears to brand the bread with the classic insignia of Godzilla’s robotic foe.

The item’s Pre-order info is coming soon to Godzilla.com.

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