No April Fool’s Trick Here: Warner Bros Just Scrapped These Two DC Films

This one might sting a little for DC Movie fans:

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that plans have been scrapped for director Ava Duvernay’s New Gods and director James Wan’s The Trench, a planned spin-off film of the 2018 Jason Momoa-starring Aquaman. Neither will move forward with Warner Bros and DC Films.

Warner Bros. is obviously trying to figure out what to do with characters like the Flash, Batman, Harley Quinn, and Superman, all of whom are starring in upcoming films that have the potential to become rather important pieces of the studio’s larger strategy for the future. What that strategy is, though, is tricky to ascertain, especially when you take into account things like the recently-announced Hourmanmovie that will soon be a thing that exists.

It seems like post the success of the Snyder Cut, the heads at Warner Bros and HBO Max are at odds as to where the DC Films should go next. HBO Max wants to move forward with Director Zack Snyder’s original plan while WarnerMedia CEO, Ann Sarnoff, wants to continue the aimless “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” approach to the DCEU. Even if you hated Snyder and his films, at least he had a vision. Sarnoff just wants to create a slew of somewhat connected films that no fan wants to see.

And why would they? If the comic fans would rather have a Henry Cavill Man of Steel sequel than a race bait and switch JJ Abrams Black Superman film, Blue Beetle, and Hourman film, why pour your resources into things fans don’t want? Maybe WB, Disney, and all these other mega corporations need to realize it’s not toxic fandom killing franchise, it’s executives wanting to give fans what they THINK they want as opposed to what they DO want. It’s as simple as that.

Warner Bros has egg on their face because the Justice League they gave us was rejected and they don’t know how to deal. The Snyder Cut they said was “unwatchable” is breaking streaming records and lighting a fire under fans for DC Films that they want. But while WB continues to scramble and bury their past mistakes, they continue to create content fans don’t care about. That’s why the DC Films will never compete with Marvel Studios.

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